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Shooting Range

Our indoor shooting range is OPEN and the online booking system is LIVE! The range includes 4 lanes of 11 meters and accommodates up to 50 caliber.

Shooters have exclusive access to the shooting range. Our qualified Range Officers can assist with firearm training.

Cost and Addons

Individual Shooter - Exclusive use of the range (Must hold a valid competency certificate)
R150 per slot
Additional Shooter (max 2)
R120 range fee per guest
Safety gear provided
Ammo available at request

Cost and more info
Basic Handgun Training

Handgun Training covers the 7 fundamentals of Marksmanship with our qualified range officers
(Must own a firearm and hold valid competency)

R870 per shooter (max 1)
Range Fee Included
Range Officer Fee Included
Safety gear provided
Additional Ammo available at request

Cost and more info
The Austrian Package
(Fun Shoot)

Funshoot package includes a Glock 17 with 10x 9mm rounds with one of our Range Officers
(Competency certificate NOT required)
R550 per shooter
Includes Range Fee (1 pax only)
Max 45 mins duration
No other weapons included in this package other than in description
Any additional ammunition or extended time over 45 mins will require R650 additional fee
Package can be shared up to 2 additional pax
Each additional shooter pays R120 range fee
Extra Ammo can be purchased at R10 per 9mm round



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